Eliminaid® – 60 capsules


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onception that when we perform periodic colon cleanses and/or consume fiber, we don’t need additional assistance to accomplish full, complete evacuation of the colon—nothing could be farther from the truth. Fiber acts as the “brushes” to loosen colonic plaque. Herbs in Eliminaid® act as a gentle “nudge” to enhance hydration and flush loosened matter through to elimination —providing complete evacuation.

This proprietary formulation is strong enough to assist loosened colonic plaque, yet gentle enough to be used for those times when our elimination is sluggish and needs some gentle encouragement.

A Poison by any name is still a Poison!
The colon contains in excess of 36 known poisons, the most prevalent being Indican, Ammonia, Cadaverin, and Histidine. These poisons form as a result of decayed protein foods such as beef, chicken, pork etc. What’s important to note is that fruits, vegetables and grains (carbohydrate products) do not decay or putrefy. These types of “invisible” toxins are extremely health-depleting and cause a break-down of our health-protecting mechanism, the immune system.

“You Lose What You Don’t Use”
This old adage “hits home” more often than most of us like to admit, especially if we have experienced constipation, frequent use of laxatives, do not eat adequate fiber, and do not perform periodic cleanses. The muscles of the rectum are no different than other muscles, if they do not have to contract and relax, as in the rectal action called peristalsis, they become “lazy.” Eliminaid™ herbal stool softener is a trusted combination of herbs that enhance peristalsis; yet still allow your own muscles to continue contracting and expanding.