7 Simple Ways to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

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From where I'm sitting it's still the middle of winter.

Winter would be my favorite season if it weren’t for the fact that it is the time of year when fat cells decide that they want to accumulate and store themselves on my body (especially thighs, belly and buttocks) for insulation for the next 3 months.

So I'm reminding myself that I need to get prepared for my summer body with these tips:

1 - Eat your protein first - It helps reduce blood sugar surge that usually occurs after eating refined carbs. But more importantly, when you eat carbohydrates first, a “message” about a potential lack of fat and protein is sent to your body’s digestive system, and it will store more “fat” for use later. Why? Because your body is worried that it will starve so it wants to maintain a reserve of energy (glycogen).

2 - Enjoy smaller meals - It makes a big difference to your energy when eating smaller meals more often.

3 - Make time for Exercise - Muy importante - no more excuses

4 - Get your Sleep - Ideally getting to bed by 10pm is the goal, but who does that?

5 - Fiber Intake - There is not enough time in the day to consume the amount of fiber the body needs for proper elimination. The average person needs 28-34 grams of fiber per day. I would be chewing all day to get that. That is why I created Clean Sweep. That way I can ensure I get enough fiber in my diet.

6 - Stay Hydrated - keep a 16oz bottle of water at your desk or near by and drink at least 3 per day.

7 - Take weekly Seaweed Baths - Seaweed has the ability to detox the body by removing heavy metals, radioactive chemicals, toxins and free radicals. It helps to tone the skin tissue and improves circulation to reduce cellulite. It acts as a catalyst to remove excess water from the body and help maintain your healthy weight loss program.


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