Coconut Water: Nature's Perfect Electrolyte Balance

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One evening while flipping through channels I landed on Shark Tank and low and behold my prayers were answered. A man was pitching an easy way to open a coconut. He called it the Coco Jack. His target market was raw foodies. Needless to say the Sharks didn't invest, but I sure did!

I went online and purchased one right away. Before I would have the workers at the market I shopped at open the coconuts and pour it into a 1/2 gallon jug, but now I am so glad that I found a way to easily and quickly crack open coconuts.

I also get some help from my personal coconut jacker @chefEd... Thanks honey!

The Human Coco Jack

I know that most people purchase coconut water in the can, but canned coconut water is pasteurized and has lost much of its nutritional value just like most juices that have been pasteurized. Unless you are purchasing raw coconut water, which is uber expensive, I think you're wasting your money and might as well just drink filtered water.

cracked coconuts

It is generally agreed that coconut water is the most pure form of water on Earth. The water in the coconut is slowly filtered through the whole tree for nine months (sound familiar), making it a pure, sterile source of hydration.

Coconut from above

Coconut water contains nature's perfect electrolyte balance, as well as enzymes and vitamins. The water is extremely similar to human blood -- it is virtually identical to the plasma, which, combined with hemoglobin (red blood cells), is blood.


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