Chia Seed and Aloe Lemonade

This has to be one of the most nutritious and easy concoction to make. I make mine at night so that in the morning the chia seeds have had time to “gel”. I then pack in my bag and take it to work.

I felt it was time to kick the Lemon Water up a notch. This is a great way to add both chia seeds and aloe vera to my diet. If you haven’t already seen them, there are lots of chia seed drinks in the health foods stores. They can be quite expensive. It’s way easier to make your own. You can buy one from the store and once you’ve drank it all just reuse the glass bottle to make your own.


2 TB chia seeds

2 TB organic aloe vera leaf juice

1-2 tsp organic maple syrup (to taste)

enough purified water to fill the bottle


Add the ingredients listed in order to a 16 oz glass bottle

Place cap on tightly and shake vigorously

Place in refrigerator and leave overnight

Shake before drinking.